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Philadelphia seems to be the new graveyard of the Atlantic.

First it was the S. S. United States. Now it looks as if the U. S. S. Olympia may be allowed to sink.

Now the Olympia – the last surviving vessel from that 1898 conflict – could face an ignoble end as an artificial reef off Cape May if a new benefactor cannot be found.

The Independence Seaport Museum and the Navy have already checked with officials of New Jersey’s Artificial Reef Program on the possibility of sinking the ship, once a source of national pride.

The museum does not have a stellar history, having served as a playground and piggy bank for an earlier museum president.

I posted some pictures of the Olympia last fall.

I remember touring the Olympia with my younger daughter shortly after I moved to the Philly area in 1983. It is one-of-a-kind and a true historical treasure.


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