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Newsweek recently ran a review of a play.

The reviewer didn’t like the play. For all I know, it was a lousy play. But the reviewer went a step into fantasy land in claiming that

While it’s OK for straight actors to play gay (as Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger did in Brokeback Mountain), it’s rare for someone to pull off the trick in reverse.

This has caused a lot of ferment.

What elevates this into the “Too Stupid for Words” category is that gay actors have been playing straight roles convincingly for years. (The same can’t be said in reverse because, until recently, about the time of La cage aux folles, teh gay was unmentionable and officially did not exist in filmdom.)

Anyone ever hear of Rock Hudson, just to pull a name out of a hat?

No wonder Newsweek is going belly up. It apparently has no competent editors.


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