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Mythbusters 1

Wingnut myth: Charitable giving will pick up the slack.

Real life:

“I know everyone is saying it, but it’s true,” Genieve Shelter Director Val Livingston said. “In my 13 years here, I’ve never seen it this bad. It’s always been a few thousand here, a few thousand there, but just last week we lost $9,000 in grant money that we received last year and were depending on for this year and won’t get. It’s just getting worse.”


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  1. Cargosquid

    July 12, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Wingnut truth:
    Government funding removed the habit of donating regularly.  Charitable giving needs to be advanced and taught.  Now, citizens believe “the gov’t will do it.”  Well, said gov’t has less money than the taxpayers do AND want more of that money.  THAT is why charitable giving is down.  NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY.
    The Constitution does not state anywhere that our money can be “donated” to anyone else.