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The American Association of University Professors has a beef about Buccaneer Petroleum. From the BBC:

The head of the American Association of Professors has accused BP of trying to “buy” the best scientists and academics to help its defence against litigation after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


The BBC has obtained a copy of a contract offered to scientists by BP. It says that scientists cannot publish the research they do for BP or speak about the data for at least three years, or until the government gives the final approval to the company’s restoration plan for the whole of the Gulf.

It also states scientists may perform research for other agencies as long as it does not conflict with the work they are doing for BP.

And it adds that scientists must take instructions from lawyers offering the contracts and other in-house counsel at BP.

Wonder what Virginia AG Cuccinelli would think of that? (Somehow, I have a feeling he would be okay with it. After all, is it not just the impersonal, unbiased, implacable fee hand of the market bringing new wonders to our Walmarts?)

Aside: The author at the last link casually refers to “Barack Obama’s efforts to nationalize much of the economy,” betraying his ignorance as to what “nationalization” actually is.


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