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Some people understand civil liberties; if they are for some, but not for others, they are not liberties. From TPM (emphasis added):

The poll asked: “Do you support or oppose the proposal to build the Cordoba House, a 15 story Muslim Cultural Center in lower Manhattan 2 blocks from the site of the World Trade Center?” Here the top-line answer is 27% support to 63% opposed. As we’ve seen before, opposition is lower in New York City itself, where 36% support it and 56% are opposed.

A follow-up question asked: “Regardless of whether you personally support or oppose the proposal to build the Cordoba House, do you believe the developers of the Cordoba House have a Constitutional right to proceed with the construction of the mosque and Muslim cultural center or not?” Here the answer is 64% yes, to only 28% no. Indeed, the internals of the poll show that even a majority of people who didn’t support the center in the previous question still affirm the right of the organizers to construct it, by a 51%-42% margin within that sub-group.

Ted Olson, also via TPM.

(There is a graphic in it which illustrates how far the structure is from the World Trade Center site. In Manhattan, crossing a street can take you to a whole nother world. From the sidewalk in front of the Southgate Hotel at 7th and 31st, you cannot see the Empire State Building at 5th and 33rd.)

I also commend this column in the Denver Post to your attention; the writer attempts to look at the situation rationally and reasonably. I had a nit to pick with it, which is too small to mention here, emailed the author, and received a prompt and courteous response.

Also, listen to this.


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