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The Moving Finger Points, and Having Pointed, It Points Back at You 0

“I am not a racist.” At the 45 second mark.

Er, yeah . . . .

We can perhaps cut her some break because she is a child of another time; any white persons born in 1920 grew up in a time of open racism and racist imagery–not just the brutal KKK type, but the more subtle Stepin’ Fetchit-Ole Black Mama-loyal family retainer type (heck, such imagery was common when I was a young ‘un, and I’m two-thirds her age). Given that we have–most of us have–come to agree that racism is a social and moral evil, a racist remark must needs a foxhole in which to hide.

Methinks her denial is more for herself than for any other.

But sayin’ don’t make it so.

’tis a commentary on how difficult letting go can be.

Via Ta-Nehisi Coates, who asks a question I can’t answer.


A test for nascent racism and bigotry:

If you consider the color of persons’ skins (or persons’ countries of origin, or whatever) as determinants of their characters, rather than as adjectives, you are on your way.


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