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The Immaturing of NASCAR 0

From time to time, after I finish the Cheerios box, I find myself reduced to reading the NASCAR coverage in the local rag.

Back when I was a young ‘un, back in the days of cars of wood and men of steel, back when persons actually knew what a “hemi” is, stock car racing was about winning races with the best car and driver. The cars were stock: you could drive one to the race, then drive it in the race.

Now the cars are as far from “stock” as they can be, and racing seems to be about causing your opponent to crash. Items like this are far too common:

Gordon and Burton had different mindsets. They wrecked under caution. They hit before the caution came out and Gordon moved up to Burton’s car to show his displeasure. Burton went to acknowledge him and turned left into Gordon, wrecking both.

They met in the backstretch. Gordon shoved Burton before they clutched and grabbed each other as series officials separated them.

It’s turned into pro wrestling without the clever scripting.


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