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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Florida Republicans want to encourage politeness by further allowing folks to pack heat on campus and forbidding adoption agencies and doctors, including psychiatrists, from asking clients about gun ownership.

Daniel Ruth comments in the St. Petersburg Times; follow the link for the full article:

But perhaps the most delusional bill is sponsored by Sen. Greg Evers, R-You Talking To Me?, which would make it illegal and punishable with a $5 million fine for any doctor to ask a patient about guns, or to include firearm ownership information in a medical record.

If you think Evers’ First Amendment assault on the doctor-patient privilege has about as much chance at passage as Jared Loughner merely getting probation for his alleged role in the Arizona shootings, well, don’t be so hasty.


By the standards imposed by Evers, R-Lock & Load, a psychiatrist treating a patient for depression would be barred from determining if the patient owns a weapon, or even making a note about it. A doctor prescribing medication that may induce mental side effects could be precluded from asking if the patient owns a weapon — and, again, prevented from adding a notation to the patient file.

The blatant political pandering aside, this is not about hunting, nor target shooting, or nor even self-defense.

Nor is it in any way about a “well-regulated militia” (or a “well-regulated” anything).

Guns are to gunnuttery as shoes are to foot fetishism–objects of compulsive, unrestrained, unreasoned desire.


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