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Room with a Pay-per-View 0

Marriott is phasing out the pay-per-view porn channels in its hotels. Pundits are speculating it has something to do with Mitt “Shape-Shifter” Romney’s desire to morph himself into something that gets votes.

In the political punditocracy, everything must be political, even when it isn’t, just as in the business punditocracy, everything must affect stock prices, even when it doesn’t.

It is really quite a stretch–indeed, it’s fanciful–to speculate that Romney’s aspirations have influenced Marriott’s hotel, er, amenities simply because Romney and the Marriott family are both LDS.

I believe Marriott’s public statement. Internet porn has won out over hotel porn and there ain’t no money in $10.00+ (or whatever it is these days) pay-per-view no more.

Marriott International said it will phase out adult-content video services from its 600,000 hotel rooms worldwide, causing some to speculate that the Bethesda hospitality giant is responding to interest groups that promote family values.


A coalition of Christian organizations that includes Focus on the Family met with Marriott International officials in Washington in 2008 to press the hotel chain to stop offering pay-per-view adult movies.

Marriott did not take action following those meetings. On Monday, it said the recent decision was based on economics and technology. More guests can access adult content cheaply on their portable devices rather than pay for premium adult channels.


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