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Add another one to the list of reasons I’m losing interest in college football.

If you think the fuss over the NFL draft is over the top (face it, televising the draft is a strategy for ESPN to sell more NFL-related ad time and nothing more), consider this:

Facebookers have started harassing high-school athletes over what colleges they sign with. A high school star from Mississippi has quit Facebook:

“I saw rumors on the Internet with people saying I decommitted from Mississippi State because my momma has been working for this Ole Miss guy and she cleaned his house up for a year and she made $100,000,” he told the paper. “If my momma made $100,000 a year, I wouldn’t be driving the truck that I’m driving. I would have had a vehicle a long time ago. It’s just the little stuff like that.

“I got a lot of trash talking by both schools on Facebook, but that didn’t have a lot to do with it. But when you start getting my mom involved and my family involved, that takes it to a whole another level.”

On Tuesday, C.J. Johnson said goodbye to Facebook with this post:

“This is my last Facebook post and I’m gonna leave facebook with this. Linda Johnson has never worked as a house worker making 100,000 dollars a year and I will not be a Mississippi state bulldog and I’m not considering Mississippi state anymore bc you have constantly comment on my page send me crazy inboxes and has made my recruiting experience a living nightmare. Goodbye facebook.”

It’s only a damned game, for Pete’s sake.

Coincidently, I received this picture in an email about five minutes before stumbling over that news item (picture below the fold):

Facebook Controversies
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