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Diving while Black 0

In a post last week, I suggested that one of the insidious aspects of bigotry is that most bigots do not see their prejudices and bigotry as what they are, but see them as normal and reasonable.

In today’s local rag, local columnist Roger Chesley tells a little story. Here’s the short version; follow the link below for the full story:

    A young black lady and her friend went to the “residences-only” pool of the predominantly-white development in which her family owns a house. She made sure to have her credentials establishing herself as a resident of the development, having forgotten them once before.

    After some unspecified period of time, an old white guy from the homeowners’ association demanded her credentials (“May I see your papers, please?”), telling her that she didn’t “look like” she belonged.

    She felt singled out, as no one else was being challenged, (Jeez, ya think?) and refused. He called the police. The police inspected her credentials and told the old white guy to leave her alone.

When Mr. Chesley contacted the old white guy, who happened to be a member of the homeowners’ association, he told Mr. Chesley (emphasis added)

“As far as I’m concerned, nothing happened.”

I rest my case.


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