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Republican Family Values, the Gift That Keeps on Giving (Updated) (Updated Again) 0

Now on Craig’s List.

And I thought Craig’s List had shut down that sectio–oh, never mind.

Via Oliver Willis.

Addendum, Later that Same Evening:

He’s still married, but DelawareLiberal reports that he’s no longer a Congressman.


(Aside: “Dum-Dum.” Chuckle.)

Dick Polman documents ex-Congressman Lee’s credentials as part of the “family values” crowd:

Did this guy quit his seat too quickly? One might argue that he’s entitled to his own fantasy life, that it’s nobody’s business what he does on the side as long as he does his job. But here’s the rub: Congressman Lee was a devotee, during his truncated tenure, of the belief that morality should be legislated. (Quelle surprise!) He voted to extend institutional bigotry in the military, requiring gay soldiers to stay in the closet. He co-sponsored the current House Republican effort to curb the number of poor women seeking Medicaid abortions.

That’s your and my morality that he would legislate, not his own.

And that, my friends, is where the hypocrisy thing comes into play.


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