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Update from the Foreclosure-Based Economy 0

Baptism by foreclosure:

Of 113 churches currently listed for sale in metro Atlanta, at least 33 are foreclosures or churches in serious financial trouble, estimated Rick Arzet, an associate broker with Prudential Georgia Realty, who specializes in churches. Although that’s just a small fraction of the churches that dot the Atlanta landscape, the situation is the worst he’s seen in 40 years.

“Churches are the tail on the dog,” Arzet said . “The people in churches are the same people who are your neighbors,” he said — the same people who are losing jobs and cutting back on spending and that includes donations to the collection plate.

Poor judgment and even ambition sometimes play a role, as well.

As the economy tanked, so did offerings. Persons no longer had as much to offer. As the offerings diminish, so too do the community services, such as youth leagues, day camps, and shelters.

Folks whose concept of churches is derived secondhand, from bible-thumping pastors promoting hate, wingnut lobbyists-in-collars, and only-in-it-for-the-money publicity hounds on the telly vision often don’t realize how much small and medium sized religious institutions do in and for their communities, often with no strings attached and no recognition.


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