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Reverse Double-Spin Take Down 0

A year-long Department of Homeland Security undercover operation targeting prospective “sex tourists” was torpedoed last month after a blogger unwittingly stumbled upon a sleazy web site set up by federal agents and engineered a reverse sting on investigators she mistook for pedophiles, The Smoking Gun has learned.

A citizen stumbled across the site and notified the police. Investigation ensues. Left hand, meet right hand and all that.

Buried down in the story was this little gem, which warmed my little Linux-loving heart:

The computer programmer also noticed that the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” site appeared to have been designed using a 2003 version of Microsoft’s FrontPage. In retrospect, she remarked, the use of such outdated software should have tipped her to the fact that the site was a U.S. government production.

Persons who know what they are doing generally don’t use FrontPage.


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