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Republican Health Care: “Don’t Get Sick. If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly.” 0

Republicans bridled when Congressman Alan Grayson said that the Republican Health Care Plan was

Don’t get sick. If you do get sick, die quickly.

Well, now the same folks who campaigned with bogus claims that President Obama’s health care plan would destroy Medicare continue their crusade to (you guessed it) destroy Medicare. From TPM (details at the link):

The GOP continued its bloody walk into the Medicare buzzsaw Wednesday, when 40 out of 47 Senate Republicans voted in support of the House GOP budget, and its plan to phase out and privatize the popular entitlement program.

The test vote failed by a vote of 57-40. But the roll call illustrates that Medicare privatization — along with deep cuts to Medicaid and other social services — remains the consensus position of the GOP despite the growing political backlash against them.

Just as a memory refresher, here’s an encore of Congressman Grayson:

Republicans: They got theirs. To hell with everybody else.


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