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False Equivalences, One More Time 0

Donald Luzzatto, Editorial Page Editor for my local rag, is normally on target with his columns. That doesn’t mean that I always agree with him, but that his opinion is normally well-reasoned and worth a listen.

Today, however, in a column regarding the Gingrinch’s recent flippity-flops, he said something quite out of touch with reality, but illustrative of the media’s need to insist that, for each “on one hand,” there must be an “on the other hand.”

Follow the link for the full column; this is the bit I’m interested in (emphasis added):

Thirty years later, no matter where you look, that legacy is utterly gone. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have patience to spare for the slightest variance from what is an increasingly thin and brittle party line. That’s not new, of course. But I’m not sure I’ve seen such a stark example of the unanimity principle at work as in the past few days.

Name for me one prominent Democrat who has been forced to retract and apologize for a policy position because of uproar from the herd of cats sometimes called the “Democratic base” or from, say, for example, MSNBC.

(. . . . . . . .)

That’s what I thought.

On the other hand, there is no other hand.


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