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What it was, was football.

Attempts to identify a famous (English–ed.) footballer hiding behind a privacy injunction have spiralled into an online battle over freedom of speech, as internet users responded to high court action by repeatedly naming him on Twitter.

Read it. It’s delicious.

Also, the free market place of ideas, UK (where there is no legal protection for free speech) version. A nugget:

Twitter and other social networks were accused of making “an ass of the law” by the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and politicians after a number of celebrities with injunctions were allegedly exposed online.

As Dickens said, “The law is an ass.” As it is already in that condition, it needs no help from twits on Twitter to attain it.

I do sympathize with those who do not wish their privacy invaded. And the British tabloid press may well be the least-principled, sleaziest media in the English-speaking world, making America’s National Enquirer look like the Journal of the American Medical Association.

At the same time, I have no sympathy for persons who feed at the public trough, but who wish to protect themselves from the consequences of their own bad behavior.

All in all, I lean towards the idea that fresh air is better than no airings.


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