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The long-term injuries to NFL football players are becoming more noticeable.

The Denver Post reports that an insurance company and the Denver Broncos are headed to court over who’s responsible for workers comp payments to retired players claiming disability due to their football careers.

Note that the insurance company is not trying to disqualify the claims; it’s arguing that the team, rather than the insurance company, should pay.

So in 2008, (Pro Football Hall of Famer Floyd–ed.) Little took advantage of a not commonly known provision in California law to file for workers’ compensation in that state, arguing that his football career had left him with a legacy of pain after suffering two broken collarbones, broken ribs, multiple concussions and other injuries too numerous to recall.

“Your memory isn’t what it used to be,” Little said. “You don’t sleep as well as you should. I still suffer from the injuries during my career.”

Now his claim, along with claims by eight other retired Broncos players, has become entangled in a federal lawsuit by an insurance company that says it shouldn’t have to pay.

Little was one of the lucky ones, at least in football terms–a big star with a long career and many honors. The average pro football career is less than four years and the retirement benefits are surprisingly miserly.

Tell me again why I should sympathize with the billionaire owners who use the players so callously.

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