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Mitt the Flip Drives His Flivver Around and Around and Around and Keeps Running into Himself 0

In Mitt World, it’s always Opposites Day.

Joan Venocchi considers Mitt’s position on the auto industry (first, criticizing McMaverick during the campaign of the Republican nomination for proposing nothing, then criticizine President Obama after the election for doing something) and on Michigan’s overall employment situation (not so hot, despite the improvement in the auto sector):

If they (jobs numbers–ed.) stay that way and Romney is the Republican presidential nominee, he will try to use them to make Michigan voters forget that first, he criticized McCain for doing nothing. Then, he criticized Obama for doing something.It’s classic Romney — in favor of something and nothing and on the side of everything.

One could argue the Mitt the Flip is a weather vane/vain (either spelling works) blowin’ in the winds of whatever the hell sounds good today.


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