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Twits on Twitter 0

Open laptop, insert foot.

An economic development agency has let one of its employees go over a Twitter post that suggested her colleagues knock off work early to play golf.

Social media specialist Vanessa Williams lost her job with the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. after she used the agency’s official Twitter account on Friday to tweet: “We start summer hours today. That means most of the staff leave at noon, many to hit the links. Do you observe summer hours? What do you do?”

(According to the agency, no one left early that day.)

“Social media specialist.”



I think that public agencies would be well-advised to avoid twits.

They don’t need to twit, the public doesn’t need them to twit (except possibly for “utility work 8th and Oak use alt. rte.”), twitting doesn’t advance their mission, and there’s an excess of twits in the world already.

And who wants their sewage utility on Facebook, for Pete’s sake? There’s enough sewage on Facebook alrea–oh, never mind.


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