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Scam Alert, Dead Tree Dept. 0

It looks as if all those out-of-work mortgage salespersons have found employment.

For some time, The Nation has warned subscribers to beware of phony subscription renewal mailings. The warning includes a statement that renewals sent through those companies may not even show up at the magazine. I’ve gotten some of those myself.

But today I saw a new twist: three mailings all designed to look like renewals to magazines that to which I don’t (and wouldn’t*) subscribe. They do include the phrasing, “Notice of Renewal/New Order,” but they are clearly designed to trick persons into thinking they are renewals.

Watch out for items like these:

Click for a larger image.


*Time has degenerated into a sideshow, the New Yorker is too provincial (plus I can read the cartoons at the doctor’s office), and The Nation is progressive enough for me.


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