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Sticky: Something Is Wrong . . . (Update x 7 Monday) 2

The sidebar disappears from the normal view in my regular theme, but reappears when select an individual post to view.

While I trouble-shoot it, there will be no only a few new posts. Posts already in the queue will continue to appear. I hope.

No idea when it will be fixed, but I’ll be happy if I’ve figured it out by Monday.

The problem appears to be local to my theme, so, for the duration, I’m reverting to a different theme.

I’m going to download everything to a local computer and trouble-shoot on my own server, rather than trouble-shoot across the innerwebs.

Updates will be added below the fold:

Note: The wrapping of quotations is a little whacky in the default theme here, but I’m not going to worry about right now. Click to single-post view if necessary.

If you are viewing posts via RSS, please email me at and let me know how the feed looks.

Addendum, Monday Noon:

I’m going to be messing with this today. Expect weirdness.

Addendum, Monday, 15:00

I have successfully imported the website into my XAMPP server install and duplicated to problem on my local box.

This is really good news, because it means the problem is contained in the files I downloaded and therefore the trouble can be hunted down and shot.

Also, wrapping appears to be working properly in the default theme now.

Addendum, Monday, 17:23:

In my regular theme, the sidebar is shifting to the bottom of the page. It also does this in one of the WordPress provides by default, although it’s not doing so in the one I’m using right now.

I cannot find any differences in the sidebar.php file between the backup I made a month ago before the problem and the one that is on the site now (I back up my database at least weekly and the other files when enough changes have accumulated too make it wise).

Have to dig deeper.

Update, Tuesday Afternoon:

NFD (nothing found) as we used to say on the railroad. Line-by-line comparisons of various theme files turn up nothing.

For some time, I have been considering a redesign (nothing dramatic). I think now’s the time.

Addendum, Wednesday Afternoon:

Busy with a little graphics project for someone else today, but, last night, a fellow blogger told me that a recent WordPress update broke his theme.

If that’s what broke mine, I’d have expected it to do so as soon as the update happened (about two weeks ago, I think), but maybe that’s it.

Update, Saturday Afternoon:

I’m deep into editing my new theme. I chose this one and am tailoring it to my tastes. It will probably be almost unrecognizable when I’m done.



  1. George Smith

    July 30, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Have you tried looking at your database tables and “optimizing” the overhead waste out of them? Sometimes things go funny on me when it starts to build up which can be pretty fast when you post frequently.

  2. Frank

    August 1, 2011 at 11:21 am

    I do that every week, usually on Wednesday, unless WordPress decided to come out with a new version on a different day.  Also export the database as an SQL file.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    I think it’s more likely the theme that has gone whacky.