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Both Sides Now 0

    The young fellow timidly entered the office of the tough sales director.

    “Wou-would you maybe think about considering maybe buying a life insurance policy?” he stammered.

    The sales manager looked up. “What the hell kind of sales pitch do you think that is!” he bellowed. He wound himself up into a long lecture on the art and science of sales pitches, eventually talking himself into buying a $300,000 policy.

    He finished up with, “So, remember young man, you have to have a toolkit full of different sales pitches and be ready to chose the right one for each prospect.”

    “Oh, I do,” replied the young man, locking the signed application in his briefcase. “You just saw my stock sales pitch for tough sales managers.”

I’ve mentioned before that right wing politicians and commentators will say anything, regardless of how it contradicts what they said yesterday and or what they might say tomorrow. They can stand on both sides of any issue if it suits their tactics of the day.

The latest example is Texas Governor Rick “Fastest Lethal Injection in the West” Perry’s campaign’s responses to Perry’s own book. Eugene Robinson comments:

To clarify, not all Republicans are reaching for the Xanax, just those who believe the party has to appeal to centrist independents if it hopes to defeat President Barack Obama next year. Also, those who believe that calling Social Security “an illegal Ponzi scheme” and suggesting that Medicare is unconstitutional might not be the best way to win the votes of senior citizens.

These and other wild-eyed views are set out in Perry’s book “Fed Up!” His campaign has already begun trying to distance the governor from his words, with communications director Ray Sullivan saying last week that the book “is a look back, not a path forward” – that “Fed Up!” was intended “as a review and critique of 50 years of federal excesses, not in any way as a 2012 campaign blueprint or manifesto.”

One problem with this attempted explanation is that the book was published way back in … the fall of 2010. It’s reasonable to assume that if Perry held a bunch of radical, loony views less than a year ago, he holds them today.

How can right wingers contradict themselves so fluidly?

They have only two allegiances: Winning and Wall Street.

All the rest is sales pitch.


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