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FAA Deal 1

To paraphrase the Secretary, the way to create job is not by laying workers off.

Left unsaid was the “except in Wingnut World.”


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  1. George Smith

    August 5, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    So the banner for the segment is “Up In the Air,” showing some segment producer/editor to be the enemy, too, someone more interested in being catchy and funny. Up In the Air being, I thought, a sad and ineffably black movie about a guy who goes around the country as a layoff specialist, working with one enthusiastic youngster until someone they’ve fired commits suicide just like they said they would in the separation interview.
    Since part of MSNBC is still very much show business and respectable Matthews still can’t quite muster what the story calls for — genuine human outrage. The whole argument over this FAA thing would have seemed an affront to the people I grew up with. Now we have a segment of society that thinks having masses of people lose their livelihoods is a way to make the world work better.