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I see that Charles Krauthammer has a column about Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m not going to read it. I like to keep an open mind, at least on topics where I still have questions, but Krauthammer’s history of intellectual dishonesty and absolute wingnut hackery has taught me that, when he knocks on my mind’s door, to lock the damned door.

He’s not worth the effort, not even to know the latest wingnut fable.

Instead, if you wish to read about Dr. King, read the post I excerpt below written by a fellow who grew up black in the South. Here’s a snippet (emphasis in the original):

So anyway, I was having this argument with my father about Martin Luther King and how his message was too conservative compared to Malcolm X’s message. My father got really angry at me. It wasn’t that he disliked Malcolm X, but his point was that Malcolm X hadn’t accomplished anything as Dr. King had.

I was kind of sarcastic and asked something like, so what did Martin Luther King accomplish other than giving his “I have a dream speech.”


My father told me with a sort of cold fury, “Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south.”



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