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The description in the story is understated (link fixed):

Heavy rain caused flooding throughout Hampton Roads, but the worst of it was reported in the northern part of Virginia Beach. A flash flood warning and then a flood warning were in effect for the city for most of the night. The last flood warning expired at 10:30 p.m. Some roads were closed and city police reported cars stuck in the flood waters.

I got home from DL only by driving through two of the deepest puddles I’ve ever encountered on a roadway, if you can call something 100 yards long and up to the running boards if I had running boards “puddles.” The worst one was on a side street where alternative routes were readily available. The neighbors were all clustered along the road, but did any of them bother to warn drivers? No, tow truck breath.

It took my friend five hours to make the 16-mile drive home from her work. She did encounter neighbors who were standing in the floods warning drivers to turn back or keep to the left or so on.

Her experience also confirmed my prejudice against electric everything in cars. Her electric windows and locks failed (they are working again now).

While poised at the edges of flooded areas, she several times had the dubious pleasure of watching macho men and wonder women in their macho trucks and studly SUVs (and one potent Prius) come up behind her, honk angrily, drive around, and stall in the water (with the Prius, it was more like float away).


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