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News Announcers Unable To Hear Protestor Saying He is Protesting
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In a related story, Shaun Mullen considers Occupy Wall Street. A nugget:

Cantor (R, Tool–ed.) has joined the chorus in denouncing the Occupy Wall Street “mobs” that have taken over Zuccotti Park in Manhattan and city halls and malls elsewhere, accusing them of . . . are you ready for this? Class warfare.

The House majority leader symbolizes more than any other Republican the moral rot at the heart of today’s GOP.

President Obama has sent up to Capitol Hill a jobs creation bill that by any measure is modest but at least begins to address the major reason that the aftereffects of the Bush Recession linger, but Cantor says he won’t even allow the bill to come up for a vote.

Main Street is in deep distress, Wall Street is sipping the champagne of record profits and it still is more important to Cantor and his ilk to be obstructionist than actually help the president govern, a tactical decision that they will come to regret next November 6 when the votes are counted.

This is because while there is anger out there toward Obama, the contrast between the party’s stances on helping the middle class, not to mention the poor, elderly and infirm, could not be more striking, and while a lot of us are pissed off even more of us have retained some perspective. And compassion.


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