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Everybody Must Get Fracked 1

Three years after residents first noticed something wrong with their drinking-water wells, tanker trucks still rumble daily through this rural northeastern Pennsylvania village where methane gas courses through the aquifer and homeowners can light their water on fire.

One of the trucks stops at Ron and Jean Carter’s home and refills a 550-gallon plastic “water buffalo” container that supplies the couple with water for bathing, cleaning clothes and washing dishes. A loud hissing noise emanates from the vent stack that was connected to the Carters’ water well to prevent an explosion Ñ an indication, they say, the well is still laced with dangerous levels of methane.

Recent testing confirms that gas continues to lurk in Dimock’s aquifer.

Pennsylvania has started monitoring their gas Galtian overlords more closely, despite the best efforts of their wingnut governor, because the public demands it.

The industry continues to claim it saw nothing, it was not there, it did not even get up that morning.


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  1. George

    October 19, 2011 at 10:46 am

    I was reading the Center Daily Times for the recap of the PSU/Purdue game this weekend when I noticed one of the stories was how a local gas well had caught fire and blown up. This brings to mind an old movie with Dan Aykroyd called Nothing But Trouble in which he plays this comically hideous old tycoon/judge in a town called Valkenvania, seemingly modeled on some of the old Pennsy towns that wound up condemned due to mishaps associated with excessive coal mining. Valkenvania lives.