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A Heritage Foundation toady (yeah, I know, redundant) decides that the cause of the riots in Britain was “political correctness” run amok and that the cure is a return to the language of right and wrong.

Notably missing from her screed was any mention of right and wrong as it applies to Wall Street banksters, hedge fund managers, corporate bonus babies.

“Right and wrong” is irrelevant in their Galtian Paradise as they destroy economies, eliminate jobs, and steal the future from the poor and middle class.


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  1. George

    October 2, 2011 at 11:16 am

    The poor man’s (or in this case) poor woman’s Ayn Rand was put more offensively by, guess who, Ted Nugent — about a month ago. I’m betting it’s inspired by some Glenn Beck thing but because he’s not on big TV anymore, it’s harder to follow him. Here’s Nugent on the UK and Philly riots — conflating apples and quite opposite oranges:
    <I>”The shiftless, looting goons and their liberal allies think rich people should be taxed more, and more economic advantages must be provided to largely uneducated, unskilled, lazy, incompetent goons. Eat the rich, my foot.

    “Jobs have evaporated even for skilled, talented and motivated Americans. There are no jobs for goons unless you think robbing, plundering and peddling dope are resume builders.

    “So now the goons are taking to the streets and creating mayhem in the name of social justice and whatnot.

    “If the goons had an ounce of brains among them, they would come to the conclusion that the reason they are dumb, unskilled mouth-breathers [etc] …</i>
    And this weekend, in a column, he wondered the opposite — why American kids weren’t rioting, completely missing the Occupy Wall Street thing.
    If I were optimistic I’d say these are indications the shoeshiners and plutocrats are beginning to worry and they’ve sent out their wingmen to start talking about dangerous rabble with bad liberal values and so on.