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Misdirection Plays 1

Brave New Films contrasts the defense war industry’s claims about their role in providing employment with economic facts.

Surprising result: It ain’t necessarily so.


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  1. George

    November 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

    I guess they could have added that the private sector pushing defense spending invests mostly in high end hardware. not people. A noticeable number of soldiers need food stamp assistance. But defense contractors, uh-uh. 
    It’s plutocracy manufacturing — much like GE’s domestic manufacturing of giant jet engines and high end whole body medical imaging machines. The stuff costs a lot but doesn’t employ that many people. Which is why investing in teachers or infrastructure repair produces so many more hires. And when you hear they want the government to invest in scholarship money and training for more engineers and science people for weapons applications, you’re talking really small numbers in the national big picture, a few thousand as contrasted with many millions out of work for over a year or underemployed.
    Good eye for this. I’m going to repost.