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Bloomberg investigates child labor in the Victoria’s Secret supply chain.

Clarisse Kambire’s nightmare rarely changes. It’s daytime. In a field of cotton plants that burst with purple and white flowers, a man in rags towers over her, a stick raised above his head. Then a voice booms, jerking Clarisse from her slumber and making her heart leap. “Get up!”

Try reading the whole thing. If you can get all the way through it at the first sitting, please let me know.

Spare the rod, spoil the child, eh, what?

No doubt, it warms the cockles of Newt the Gingrinch’s heart, already two sizes too small, to read of a work ethic’s being inculcated in children.


The reporters mention Victoria’s Secret over and over in the story. By the time I was half-way through it, I was thinking, “Get a room already.”

Victoria’s Secret is certainly not alone in not seeing what is before its face. In corporate America, the concept of a “greater good” than bonuses and country club memberships is but a memory.


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