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Dog Whistles–Silent No More 1

Yesterday, Bob Cesca posted that the odious Republican Southern Strategy has returned.

I’m afraid he’s wrong. It never went away.

What’s different in this campaign is that the Republicans are no longer attempting to camouflage it; everyone can hear the dog whistles.

Writing at the Guardian, Teresa Wiltz recounts the almost constant appeals to racism by Republican candidates and concludes, quite rightly, that

Some would call this dogwhistle politicking – the cynical use of code words and phrases to rile up the racist base. That’s what Sarah Palin did back in the 2008 campaign when she famously noted that Barack Obama “is not one of us”. But this goes beyond dogwhistling. These are messages that are coming in loud and clear for all to hear. Gingrich, Santorum and Paul can’t be bothered with prettying things up. It doesn’t matter that they’re spreading lies and misinformation. (For starters, according to the US Census, 59% of food stamp recipients are white, while 28% are black. Poor comes in all colors.)

They just don’t give a flying fig.

Gingrich, Santorum and Paul are using the same playbook as DW Griffith did back in 1915 with Birth of a Nation: painting black folks as the boogeymen.


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  1. George

    January 8, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Something worth adding is they prosecute it with great vigor and efficiency. And it has done well for them, giving the numerically minority party a solid base of bigots determined to attack all the “others”, a base which — because of procedural rules, allows them to gum up the works of the country with the greatest success. A party of extremist haters never debates anything or brooks any questioning of its aims. And the result has been a polity so infuriated and alienated they retaliate virtually blindly against whoever is in office on voting day.