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Facebook Frolics 0

Dick Destiny seems to have settled into a relationship with Facebook that is very similar to my own:

You’d guess I’m not a good match with Facebook. I have an account and while I post pointers to blog posts on it daily, it’s not good for much.

Facebook does not tell you how many people visit your profile daily. There’s a simple reason for it. If people actually knew how many times their hundreds of friends browser their posts — statistically speaking, not at all — users would desert en masse.

Facebook is a place for lickspittles — people who actually go to the pages of American businesses and hit the “like” button. It’s hard to imagine how lame that is but hundreds of thousands of my countrymen do it.

Follow the link for the rest.

As I told one of my kids the other day, if I did not use Facebook to pimp this blog, I’d have deleted all my data and closed my account long ago.

By the way, ever wondered what happens when you “like” something on Facebook?

You are the fly walking voluntarily into the parlor of the spider. Have it from this marketeer. (Be careful: like a true spider, once you land on her page, she rudely and selfishly won’t let you “Back” out of it; open it in a new tab or window, then close it when you are done.)


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