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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

The Philadelpia Daily News catalogs some of the results:

TO THOSE who think it’s no big deal to require a photo ID to vote in Pennsylvania, meet Wilola Lee, 59; Gloria Cuttino, 64, and Nadine Marsh, 84, who all have voted regularly for decades. Each has been told by her native state — Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, respectively — that there is no record of her birth. As a result, they can’t get the birth certificates required to get the photo IDs now required to continue voting.

If the new Pennsylvania voter ID law is allowed to take effect at the November election, these women won’t be able to vote. They and seven other Pennsylvania voters are the named plaintiffs in the suit filed against the law six weeks ago.

And then there’s New York native Joyce Block, 89, of Bucks County, who does possess the necessary birth certificate and a Social Security card — but in her maiden name. The only record she has of her marriage to Carl Block nearly 70 years ago is in Hebrew, which wasn’t enough to get her a voter ID until her state senator intervened.

At the Chicago Trib, Dennis Byrne has a long paean to Chicago’s history of vote early, vote often. He leaves out one crucial fact:

Historically, ballot boxes have been stuffed in the counting room, not in the voting room (and more recently, in the Supreme Court).

That’s why, historically, it’s called “election fraud,” not “voter fraud.”

“Voter fraud” is a PR term to gut out the vote.


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