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Giving Windows the Reboot 0

My friend recently got a Windows 7 computer.

She is moving slowly from her XP box to it, as she has XP tailored to her taste and isn’t eager to learn about all the changes Microsoft makes with every new version to convince you it’s something new (kind of the way car makers in the 1950s moved the chrome around with every new model year).

So it’s been sitting over there (——————>) all week doing nothing.

Apparently, it can’t deal with that. It is demanding a reboot, just because it can.

Maybe it wants its electrons stroked or something.

Windows computer requesting reboot.

My old Slackware webserver, long since retired, was once up for 156 days without a reboot.

One of the members of my LUG discovered a Linux server at his work that had been running without a reboot for over three years. I say “discovered” because it was so trouble-free that the staff had forgotten about it.

And this Windows box, which has been sitting there doing nothing, now wants a reboot I guess because it’s bored because no one has taken it out to play.

It must take a lot of expertise to write code this crappy.

Words fail me.

Full Disclosure:

I’ve never gotten a message like this on my Windows 7 box, but it’s usually booted into Wubi.


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