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Mitt the Flip the Bird to the Truth 0

In Florida, Mitt the Flip brought forth two companies to prove that they succeeded all on their ownsome, without government interference or assistance.

Tampabay dot com looked into the claims and found slight flaws (details at the link):

The campaign held a morning event to highlight A.D. Morgan Corp. and Value Enterprise Solutions as Florida small businesses that became successful because of the pluck of their owners and the benefits of the free enterprise system.

Government, in other words, had nothing to do with it.

But the Romney campaign couldn’t have picked more puzzling examples. Far from not needing big government, the Tampa companies have embraced government and benefited from it.

Jon Stewart asks,

Do you really want to hang entire your campaign on a willful out-of-context misunderstanding?

To answer Mr. Stewart (not that he’ll ever notice me), “Of course they do. It’s all they got.”


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