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Looks Like We Might Be in for a Bit of a Blow (Updated) 0

As of right now, the worst is supposed to be north of us, so the local broadcast media is not yet in “Ohmygodweareallgonnadie” mode.

Not yet.

Clouds are already looking ominous.

Addendum, 12:51: Raining enthusiasstically.

Addendum, Nighty-Night Time: The rain shower ended in about an hour. Since then, clouds, no apocalypse. My ISP sent me a useless email assuring me that they are on the job. I know they are on the job; I have my beefs with them, but stability is not one of them.

But this gem from Delaware Liberal, followed by this one admitting at least one–er–mis-prediction.

My old stamping grounds are ground zero for landfall.


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