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Plus ca Change 2

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Victor R. Balest tells what happened to his father in the 1930’s when he told his bosses in the coal mine that, despite their instruction to vote Republican, he was planning to vote Democratic.

When my grandfather arrived for work the next day, much to his surprise, he was instructed by management to report to his new position in one of the worst and most dangerous jobs in the mine. He worked for several weeks in that part of the mine where water was knee-deep. My grandfather was no fool, and he understood that this was a clear demonstration of retaliation by the ownership, and this event only strengthened my grandfather’s resolve. Eventually the owner relented and put my grandfather back in the job where he had excelled. My grandfather understood that, without union or governmental protections, the plutocrats and their sycophants (otherwise euphemistically referred to as upper and middle management) will grind you into the ground if given the chance, due to a combination of greed and fear; greed because they want their large piece of the pie and all others can fight over what remains, and fear because they refused to relinquish the advantages that they have gained through cunning, wit, deceit, connivance, social and political connections and, yes, some degree of hard work.

Read the rest. It’s the motto of the One Percent once more all over again redundantly:

    All for one! (And I’m the one.)


  1. George Smith

    November 3, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    That was a good one. Obama has finally locked it up. Romney’s corporate fascist playing the bigot’s music strategy has apparently sunk in with enough people, again, to doom him. They’re are not quite enough white psychopaths to get him elected this moment. But I’m convinced the right will explode in obvious fury Tuesday evening and Wednesday morn. The election will immediately be declared rigged. Defeat will make them more determined, louder.   The storm isn’t over.

  2. Frank

    November 3, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I agree with you completely.  Wingnut World is whipped into a frenzy that must find an outlet.