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Football uber Alles 0

Many years ago, one of my coworkers went out for dinner with a member of my company in the Left Coast office.

He ended up getting stuck with the bill for a bottle of Dom Perignon.

His comment afterwards was quite a propos: “I don’t care how good it is. No champagne is worth $35.00 a glass.” (As I said, it was a long time ago.)

I would say that that comment applies to this football ticket:

This time it cost him $21,000 — about how much Pate and his wife have donated to the school since graduation, making them eligible to purchase two seats under the school’s points- based ticket-allotment system. The game will provide a spot in the national championship contest for the winner and has produced the highest resale prices for any college conference championship this season.

The couple paid $100 each for seats in the upper deck, far less than the current lowest price of $337 for one ticket, according to TiqIQ, an aggregator of the ticket resale market. Prices range as high as $5,747 for a seat in the front row of the stadium’s mezzanine section as of Nov. 28, according to TiqIQ data.

Figuring a playing time of 60 minutes, not counting commercials, that’s $350.00 a minute.

I can think of a few things I’d be willing to pay $350.00 a minute for, and large people running into each other at high speed is not one of them.

It’s only game, folks.

And a corrupt and crooked one at that.


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