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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Celebrate, politely.

A New Year’s celebration crashed into Norfolk prosecutor Brent Johnson’s driveway last week.

Specifically, a 9 mm slug fired during holiday revelry dented his car and came to rest in his driveway.

Incensed, Johnson pocketed the slug and showed it to friends and colleagues. “If that 9 mm had struck a human being in the head, there’s no doubt it would kill them,” said Johnson, a veteran attorney and Army Reserve officer.

The article goes on to list numerous other examples of gunnutty expressions of joy and happiness during the holiday.

Once you start keeping track, you will find that, in real life, antics like this and others more deadly far outnumber examples of good guys winning High Noon shootouts and claiming fair maidens.

The High Noon shootouts fill gun nuts’ fantasies as they find fulfillment fondling their Glocks.

But they are still and only fantasies.


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