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Pretzel Logic 2

Conservative Logic:  Dixie Chicks say they are ashamed of Bush, face GOP backlash.  Ted Nugent says Obama is a commie dictator, implies and assassination attempt, gets feted and rewarded by Republicans.

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  1. George Smith

    January 24, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    ‘missle’ When using roflbot always check spelling. Nugent’s a special case since he did go radical enough to have the Secret Service called down on him. And has done so again, threatening the president at another gun show. The Dixie Chicks lost their country music audience and couldn’t replace it with an alternative one. They seem resigned to it now  and it speaks to their character. They know what country music is like and chose to stick to their guns. My semi-famous rock critic colleague Chuck Eddy covered modern country for years and now is kinda disinterested in it. He agrees with me its WhiteManistan, even used the word, and because of that, it’s irrelevant. It also has a shrinking demographjcs problem like the GOP. Nugent, on the other hand, was never the hit maker the Dixie Chicks were. He’s tried to pal around with country stars but he only gets to be sidekick in some of their videos. Mostly, they won’t have him. He does not enjoy an insurance policy get-out-of-jail-free-card Hank Williams, Jr. has because of name and the fact everyone knows he’s a raging drunk. Nugent did lose his music audience and has a difficult time finding even the smallest labels interested in taking a recording from him. So he compensated by becoming what he is —  a repellent right wing pundit, someone valued because he is that way. But he’s continuing to dance a thin line here. If he gets another visit from the Secret Service, curses women on network tv again, or emits something awful at just the wrong time, he could lose a lot of that, too, leaving him only with his fringe hunting shows and private hunts. I’ve seen his career long enough to get a feel for what he’s really worth. He’s not fabulously wealthy and he exists mostly by pandering, so in that sense he’s much worse off than the Dixie Chicks, who still have their hit records and do get to record without having had to stoop to become caricatures. A couple years ago I wanted to do a biography of Nugent as an example of the mainstreaming of repellent extremism in American culture but nobody was interested. That wasn’t very farseeing.      

  2. Frank

    January 24, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Yes, there’s some bad spells of spell out there.  I didn’t do the picture, but it’s worth it even with the error.


    As far as I am concerned, country music is dead dead dead, killed by the same sort of imitative marketing that almost killed rock and roll before the British Invasion, one mass-produced lookalike soundalike singer after another in some strange variant of country-rock.  I haven’t listened to it for years.


    No real country boy would wear one of those stupid little mini-cowboy hats with the wildly curled up brims. Only an urban cowboy would.