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The Wedding Industrial Complex 0

Psychology Today blogger Laurie Essig attends a “Bridal Expo.”

This past weekend I went to study the species homo romanticus at a wedding exp. Wedding expos, for those of you who have never been to one, are generally held in hotel ball rooms and like any other expo allow vendors and consumers to find one another. Want the perfect cake for your day? You’ll find it there. How about a perfect body? You can go to bridal bootcamp for ten weeks for about a $1000 or you could go over to the cosmetic procedures booth and find out how to melt fat away with lasers. Maybe you want a limo or a balloon ride or the perfect wedding band or a song written for your beloved. You’ll find that and more at a bridal expo.

While there, she interviews couples to find out why they are willing to spend more than they have for a few hours on a single day.

Check it out; see whether you can find any rationality in the reasons.

I couldn’t.


I once knew a fellow, a construction worker type of guy, who cashed in his retirement to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Words fail me.


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