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Obsession 0

I’ve told this story before, but any joke worth telling once is worth telling again.

    So the fellow settled down on the shrink’s couch. The shrink, being an old-line Freudian, decided to start with the Rorschach test.

    He held up an inkblot. “What does this remind you of?” he asked.

    “Sex,” answered the patient.

    He held of another inkblot. “What does this remind you of?” he asked.

    “Sex,” answered the patient.

    This went on until the entire library of inkblots was exhausted.

    After a long pause, the shrink stroked his goatee (I said he was an old-line Freudian) and said, “I think you are obsessed with sex.”

    “Me!” screamed the patient, jumping off the couch. “You’re the guy with all the dirty pictures!”

Meanwhile, over at Delaware Liberal, Pandora wonders what it is about the word “consent” that some folks don’t understand.

At the Roanoke Times, Stratton Wayne St.Clair thinks our society’s attitude towards sex may have something to do with it. A nugget:

The problem we have with sex in this country is it’s juvenile. We are saturated with sexual images. Have you ever seen a Little Miss beauty pageant? It’s obscene. And yet for all the sexual innuendoes, poorly disguised jokes (think “Two and a Half Men”), movies (think “American Pie” or “Girls Gone Wild” or any other films aimed at teenagers), advertisements, etc., all done with a snicker and fainting ladya wink, we have a shortage of images of what an adult, mature sexual life looks like.

Add to this mix the ongoing puritanical attitude toward sex that actually goes hand in hand with the above, is it any wonder kids (not to mention adults) are confused and messed up regarding sexuality?

Until Americans can talk about sex and sexual conduct without either giggling or getting the vapors, silly, stupid, vicious sexual conduct will continue to be common.


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