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The Voter Fraud Fraud 1

In my local rag, Roger Chesley tells the story of one of the persons the Republican Party of Virginia wishes to disenfranchise. A nugget:

Carter is 85. She was born at home in Baltimore, and she never had a birth certificate. After Carter moved to the commonwealth in the 1950s, she eventually got a state ID card – she’d never learned how to drive because “the highways petrified me.”

When that card expired in 2006, the state wouldn’t renew it. The 9/11 attacks brought stricter regulations.

Carter, who spoke to me by phone from her Richmond home, told me she had to contact a genealogist, research the 1940 census and request help from the federal government. The six-year effort finally ended in 2012, when her new documents passed state muster.

She testified about this before lawmakers debating photo ID legislation.

Carter had voted for years in Virginia with no problems. But if the state’s new photo ID law – signed this week by Gov. Bob McDonnell – had been in effect, she would’ve been turned away at the polls.

Virginians will have to start showing photo proof as of July 2014.

Read the rest.

The true “voter fraud” is the Republican Party’s campaign to gut out the vote.


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