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Young and Stupid 0

Kids do stupid stuff.

I certainly did. To outward appearances, I was a well-behaved kid, but I was quite the surreptitious smartass.

I think that stealing a stop sign and dumping it in a deputy sheriff’s front yard for all to see would fall into the category of “stupid stuff,” even if the deputy was more qualified to be a bozo than a deputy and the disrespect was well-deserved.

But I did it under cover of darkness, stealthily, late at night, anonymously.

(Embarrassed, he remounted the sign to the post with roofing nails–roofing nails, for Pete’s sake. The intersection was not 15 yards from his house. The next night, we re-stole it and re-dumped it in his front yard.)

I must say, though, I never did stupid sexual stuff. Oh, I wanted to,* but I was not part of that crowd.

Now kids do stupid sexual stuff on the internet, where you can’t hide and it doesn’t go away.

Remember, the internet is a public place.

I can find you.

Anyone can find you.


*That’s the dirty little grown-up secret that grown-ups don’t want their kids to know.

They wanted to.

That’s why they know what their kids want and don’t want them to.


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