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Cooch and the Coup 0

PoliticalProf reviews how Cooch and the band got the Republican nomination for governor. It was an inside job:

See, Cuccinelli was not nominated in a primary of all Republican voters in Virginia. He surmised — probably correctly — that in an open competition among all Republicans, the narrowly conservative point of view he articulated might not win the nomination. He guessed that he would split the vote with other conservatives, or that voters might not wonder if he was too conservative to win in what is trending-Democratic state. (Certainly so in presidential elections.)

In either case, Cuccinelli suspected he likely would not win a primary. So he and his supporters engineered that he be nominated by a party convention. Party members from around the state traveled to a meeting to nominate their Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General candidates.

The thing is, only truly committed activists are likely to give the kind of time and effort needed to attend a state convention well away from their jobs and families. Ideologically motivated people are likely to o so; moderates aren’t.

So, naturally, Cuccinelli won the nomination, as did arch-conservatives for both Lt. Gov and AG.

PoliticalProf goes on to explain how he does not think this bodes well for the Cooch’s prospects in the general election.

I think the good professor has a point. Our current governor, the Regent, knows how to comport himself so as to appear (as my old doctor used to say of test results) “within normal limits.”

The Cooch doesn’t know that dance.


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