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Gas Acts 0

Our wonderful state legisture recently imposed a special tax on hybrid cars, reasoning that they don’t pay their fair share of the gas tax because they don’t guzzle enough gas. This was considered preferable to (gasp!) raising taxes on people with money and had the added benefit of punishing those uppity better-gas-mileage-thou Prius drivers.

In the Roanoke Times, J. D. Hansard follows this reasoning to find additional strategies for increasing state revenues without actually taxing the people who have all the money.

Thinking about that argument led me to consider other taxes we might impose on tax avoiders. Take, for example, home gardeners.

They plant tomatoes and beans in their back yard and at harvest time, they avoid the sales taxes that the rest of us pay at Kroger when we — like God intended — purchase our tomatoes and beans.

By the tax avoidance argument above, we should tax those gardeners.

More ideas for creative finance at the link.


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