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How Many Angles Can Dance on the Head of a Pin 0

In the Roanoke Times, John Winfrey tries to explicate the different strains of “Libertarianism.”

Here’s but two of the angles:

A true libertarian (that is, Ayn Randian–ed.) owes nothing to losers, certainly not safety nets or social programs. Losers are burdens — good riddance.

By contrast, the libertarian movement that controls Republicans in the House and Senate and most Republican states is heavily influenced by the Christian right. The cumbersome title “tea party libertarian Christian right” has become part of our public discourse on television, radio, newspapers and, of course, the Internet.

Nowhere does he get to the fundamental underlying truth of what passes for “Libertarianism” in the contemporary political landscape:

A “Libertarian” is a Republican who is ashamed to admit it.


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