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Be the Death of Me 0

This is just weird.

A Minnesota law that bars advising or encouraging suicide violates the U.S. Constitution’s free speech protections, the state Court of Appeals ruled Monday in an unpublished opinion.

The law “chills a significant amount of protected speech that does not bear a necessary relationship” to the state’s goal of preventing suicide, a three-judge panel of the court said.

In a footnote, the court said the term “encourages” in the law “plausibly encompasses urging” suicide, but it is “not necessarily” the same as causing someone to commit suicide through “undue influence or distress.” The latter would likely be unprotected speech, the court said.

The story goes on to detail the story of the individual whose suicide led to the case.


Though I cannot approve of persons who recommend suicide, I do seriously doubt that their recommendations would sway anyone who wasn’t already suicidal.

I can understand that persons who suffer could suffer so much that they see no end to their misery and choose to end it.

I pray God I never face that choice.

I wish to die as my grandfather did.

He went to bed, with his boots off, and never woke up.

My brother (I was five, he was three) went to his house the next morning (it was on the corner of the farm and we used to walk there from time to time) and could not gain entrance.

So my grandfather was found, at the end of his time in his own bed, not wired to beeping machines, with peace and dignity, as a good life should end.


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