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Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense 1

The razor’s edge cuts deep in Zero Tolerance world.

Last Thursday at Bayside Middle School, sixth grader Adrionna Harris came to the aide of a classmate who was cutting his arm. She faces expulsion for taking a razor from the student, throwing it away and convincing him what he was doing wasn’t right. She thought she was doing the right thing, so on Friday she told the school administration what happened. The way school officials responded led to this question: was the school’s zero tolerance policy taken too far?

Instead of getting praise from the school administration, Adrionna got a 10 day suspension with recommendation for expulsion. The interesting thing — the only reason Adrionna got suspended was because she admitted what happened. The alleged weapon was thrown away, and it was her word alone that led to her suspension.

The razor blade she confiscated and discarded was adjudged to be a weapon, so down came the boom of zero tolerance.

How stupid do you have to be to become a school administrator? Inquiring minds want to know.


This was on the evening news on the telly vision at Steve’s Dawg House, where we dining on the most excellent barbecue made by Steve himself.

Words failed me.


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